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Nitrosylsulfuric acid

  • Nitrosylsulfuric acid
Nitrosylsulfuric acid

Nitrosylsulfuric acid

  • Product description: Nitrosylsulfuric acid|7782-78-7

[Product name] Nitrosylsulfuric acid

[CAS No.] 7782-78-7

[EINECS No.] 231-964-2

[Molecular Formula] HNO5S

[Molecular Weight]127.08

[Structure formula]

[Properties] Light yellow or blue purple liquid, water decomposition into sulfuric acid, nitric acid and nitric oxide; soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid without decomposition.

[Applicability]used for dye and medicine taking sub sodium nitrate in the diazotization reaction, effectively reduce the use amount of sulfuric acid, increased mobility of reaction, does not produce inorganic salts, which can reduce the cost, improve product quality, to make the dye product luster bright, color fixing ability, reduce sewage.

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