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  • Triclosan


  • Product description: Triclosan|Irgacare-MP|EQC1000|DP300|3380-34-5

[Product name] Triclosan

[Trade name] Irgacare-MP  DP300  EQC1000

Synonyms: triclosan, Irgasan, Cloxifenolum, Cliniclean, Tersaseptic, Aquasept, Manusept, Sapoderm, Trisan, pHisoHex, Microshield T, Oxy Skin Wash, Stri-Dex Face Wash, Irgasan DP300, Stri-Dex Cleansing Bar, Triclosan; Irgasan, Irgasan DP 300, Caswell No.186A, Lexol 300, COLGATE TOTAL

[Chemical name] 2,4,4-trichloro-2-hydroxydiphenyl ether,5-Chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenol

[CAS No.] 3380-34-5

[EINECS No.] 222-182-2

[EU No.] 604-070-00-9

[DMF No. ] 21221

[NDC No. ] 22593-100-25

[Molecular Formula] C12H7Cl3O2

[Molecular Weight] 289.5

[HS Code] 29095000

[Properties] White to off-white crystalline powder, slight aromatic odor. Melting point is56℃~58℃. Decomposition temperature is greater than280℃. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in dilute alkali solutions, freely soluble in many organic reagents.

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